7 Facts You Need To Know About Organic Sea Moss

You can buy organic sea moss in different forms, including as a powder, supplement, or in its original form. Although it isn’t FDA-approved, it can have some health benefits if taken in small amounts.

Here are 7 Facts You Need to Know about Organic Sea Moss:

  1. It’s also called Irish moss
  2. Organic sea moss has a strong fishy taste
  3. Organic sea moss comes in a variety of colors
  4. There are plenty of nutrients in organic sea moss
  5. Organic sea moss is vegan-friendly
  6. Organic sea moss can help with thyroid health
  7. Organic sea moss isn’t FDA-approved

The rest of this article will discuss these fun facts in greater detail. Be sure to read on if you want to learn more about organic sea moss!

1. It’s Also Called Irish Moss

When you search for organic sea moss on Google, you might see some results that say “Irish moss” rather than sea moss.

During the Irish famine, people were starving to the point that they resorted to eating sea moss, which is where “Irish moss” comes from. Although it’s often referred to as Irish moss, you can find it across other parts of Europe and North America.

2. Organic Sea Moss Has a Strong Fishy Taste

Organic sea moss can often have a strong fishy taste. However, when you buy it in the store in the form of a supplement, powder, or gel, the foul taste and odor are generally gone. But if you were to taste it directly from the sea, you’d certainly notice the strong smell.

As you can imagine, this is to be expected since it comes from the sea where there are plenty of fish and sea creatures roaming around.

Organic Sea Moss Has a Strong Fishy Taste
Organic Sea Moss Has a Strong Fishy Taste

3. Organic Sea Moss Comes in a Variety of Colors

You can find organic sea moss in various colors, the most prominent being deep purple and brown. Other colors include:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black

But it doesn’t matter what the color of organic sea moss is because the taste, texture, and nutrients are generally the same no matter what.

4. There Are Plenty of Nutrients in Organic Sea Moss

Organic sea moss is home to many nutrients, including:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

The nutrient content is why many people like to take organic sea moss supplements, powders, and gels.

Let’s look at some of the nutrients in greater detail:

Iron in Organic Sea Moss

Iron is essential for the transportation of oxygen around the body, so it’s an essential nutrient to include in your diet. One of the reasons organic sea moss is popular is that it contains high amounts of iron. So if you have a low-iron diet, it might be worth considering a sea moss supplement!

Vitamins in Organic Sea Moss

Organic sea moss and many other types of algae contain essential vitamins. For example, vitamin A is in organic sea moss, necessary for healthy eyesight.

Vitamin C is another example of a vitamin found in organic sea moss, and it’s essential as an antioxidant and for managing infections.

And these are just some examples of the vitamins in organic sea moss. Other vitamins include B and E, so it’s a highly nutritious matter.

Organic Sea Moss Comes in a Variety of Colors
Organic Sea Moss Comes in a Variety of Colors

5. Organic Sea Moss Is Vegan-Friendly

Another interesting fact about organic sea moss is that it is entirely vegan-friendly. This might surprise some people because it comes from the sea, but no sea creatures or animals are harmed by extracting it from the sea.

Since it has a fishy taste when it’s directly out of the sea and untreated, many vegans might feel uncomfortable eating it. But thankfully, most store-bought organic supplements are taste and odor-free.

6. Organic Sea Moss Can Help With Thyroid Health

A lack of iodine in your diet can cause thyroid issues, so it’s essential to incorporate it into your diet. Organic sea moss contains iodine, so consuming it can improve overall thyroid health.

Although iodine is essential for your diet, it is possible to eat too much of it, and you should avoid that. For this reason, you should consume organic sea moss in moderation and consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

7. Organic Sea Moss Isn’t FDA-Approved

Although sea moss is considered healthy by many health experts, it isn’t FDA approved. If this concerns you, you might be better off going with something approved. However, it’s rare for people to experience any complications from consuming organic sea moss, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Organic Sea Moss Is Vegan-Friendly
Organic Sea Moss Is Vegan-Friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Organic Sea Moss?

Yes, you can eat organic sea moss in moderation. You shouldn’t consume large amounts because of the iodine content. The most common way to consume organic sea moss is through supplements, which you can find over the counter in many drug stores and health food stores.

Is Organic Sea Moss Healthy?

Yes, organic sea moss is healthy because it contains many vitamins that the body needs to function and remain healthy. Its iodine content also makes it a healthy choice for thyroid issues. However, there aren’t many health-related studies on sea moss, so the long-term effects aren’t fully understood.

What Is Organic Sea Moss Most Commonly Used For?

Organic sea moss is most commonly used as a thickening agent for food because it’s natural and easy to come by in certain regions. It is also widely used as a supplement, powder, or gel to be consumed by humans for its nutritional benefits.

When Should You Avoid Consuming Organic Sea Moss?

You should avoid consuming organic sea moss if you already have a well-balanced diet and don’t need any extra nutrition from a supplement. Additionally, you should avoid organic sea moss if you already consume high iodine levels. Too much iodine can cause health complications.

Does Sea Moss Make You Gain Weight?

No, sea moss doesn’t make you gain weight. In fact, it’s more likely to help you lose weight and maintain muscle due to the protein it contains. Additionally, sea moss tends to make you feel fuller than usual, which could prevent you from overeating.

The protein levels in sea moss make it great as a workout supplement for people looking to gain muscle and stay lean. So, incorporating some sea moss into your diet if you regularly lift weights is highly beneficial and something you should consider.

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