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When Can I Stop Wearing My Retainer?

Who doesn’t love seeing a good smile all day? Most people wear retainers to keep their teeth in place to have a whiter, straighter smile and make an excellent first…


Why Baby’s Teeth Coming in Wrong Order? – Everything Moms Needs to Know

About 3.96 million babies were born in the United States in 2018, according to the CDC. Why baby’s teeth coming in wrong order? This article will answer this question and…


Inflammation of The Lungs: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Inflammation of the lungs is one of the common medical conditions. It is estimated that around 17 million Americans suffer from some form of lung inflammation. What is Inflammation? It…


Asthma Attack vs Panic Attack: Difference and Treatment

We will explore in this article the key differences between asthma attack vs panic attack, as well as the causes, symptoms, and treatments of each condition. Asthma and panic attacks…


Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Pain After Whitening

Tooth pain after whitening is common. It occurs following the laser procedure or when the gel comes into contact with the tooth’s sensitive nerve endings. The teeth whitening industry is…


Can Sinus Cause Tooth Pain?

Sinus is a common health condition in the USA that affects about 37 million people a year. We will explore in this article why can sinus cause tooth pain. What…


How Much Blood Donation Benefits Health?

There are many surprising health benefits of donating blood! This article will shed a light on how much blood donation benefits the donor and receiver’s health. How Much Blood Donation…


Eyes Watering All The Time: Why does My Eyes keep Watering?

Watering eyes can be a very irritating and uncomfortable problem. Find about the many potential causes of eyes watering all the time, the treatment and remedies. It is estimated that…