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All About Dogs and Cats: 8 Things to Know

95% of Americans think of their pets as part of the family. Out of that total, dogs and cats are the top choices for household pets. Whether you are Team…


Can Dogs Eat Any Kind of Popsicles?

We love spoiling our beloved pets! And when they give us puppy dog eyes every time we eat something yummy, like a popsicle, it’s tempting to give in and let…


How to Remove Dog Ticks Safely and Easily

Do you have a dog? If so, then you know that dog ticks can be a huge problem. These little pests can latch onto your dog’s skin and feed on…


Should a Cat With Tapeworms Be Quarantined? 4 Facts

Tapeworms can cause gastrointestinal problems for a cat and, if left untreated, can be life-threatening. If your cat has a tapeworm infection, should you quarantine them away from other household…


Can You Feel a Microchip in a Dog? What You Need To Know

With the technology of today, dog owners are turning to microchipping as a more secure method to tag their beloved furbabies. However, this tech is injected into a dog’s skin,…


How To Tell if a Cat Still Has Kittens Inside (7 Signs)

Providing your cat with a comfortable birthing experience is what every paw parent wants. Sometimes, you may wonder if all the kittens have made it out of the queen, especially…


The Complete List of Foods That Cats Can Eat

Have you ever thought about sharing your food with your cat? Some human foods are harmful to animals, but there are a few human foods that cats can eat. Here…


Are Dogs Better Than Cats? A Scientifically Proven Answer

Nothing gets dog and cat owners more agitated than discussing which animal is better asking Are Dogs Better Than Cats?. It’s a debate that has raged throughout time and may…