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Are Dogs Better Than Cats? A Scientifically Proven Answer

Nothing gets dog and cat owners more agitated than discussing which animal is better asking Are Dogs Better Than Cats?. It’s a debate that has raged throughout time and may…


How To Tell if Cat is Sick – 10 Alarming Signs & Symptoms

Cats are like babies or little kids, they don’t say if they feel bad but it shows. So, how to tell if cat is sick? Let’s discover the top signs…


Which Essential Oils That Are Safe For Cats or Harmful?

Essential oils offer many benefits and they can be harmful too. We will talk in this article about which essential oils that are safe for cats and which aren’t. What…


Cats Vomiting Foam: Causes, Treatment and Prevention Tips

Nearly 50% of cats vomiting foam situation happens at some point in their lives, we will discuss in this article the causes, treatment, and prevention tips for your darling cat!…


What to Feed Dogs with Upset Stomach?

Has your dog started to lose appetite and drink less water? This article will discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment, and what to feed dogs with upset stomach. Symptoms of Dogs…